Teil der HSBC BWF World Tour Super 300
Preisgeld USD 210 000.–

19.–24. März 2024, St. Jakobshalle Basel

24. March 2024

Taiwanese head-to-head duel in the men’s singles final

The men's singles final turned out to be an all-Taiwanese duel today: LIN Chun-Yi and CHOU Tien Chen, who occupied the fifth seed, faced each other. In the first set, Chou immediately lived up to his role as the favorite and clearly defeated his compatriot 21-7. Everything indicated that this match would be a short one.

However, the winds turned in the second set - which, fortunately, only exists colloquially in the St. Jakobshalle. Lin Chun-Yi won point after point and was quite unstoppable - Chou Tien Chen unexpectedly had to concede the set 20-22. The crowd could therefore look forward to another spectacular set.

After the intervall, the game seemed to go on like right before: point after point, back and forth, 15-15, 16-16, and so on. Lin, who seemed to have recovered after his poor first set and was applying a lot of pressure, was able to gain a slight lead again and again. It got more and more dramatic: at 20-19, Lin thinks he has already won the game, but the point goes to his opponent - the umpire has recognized a mistake because Lin's racket was over the net on his opponent's side.

Despite this incident and a few lost match points, Lin Chun-Yi held his nerve and eventually won the match 7-21, 20-22 and 23-21.

Final result:
LIN Chun-Yi (TPE) vs. CHOU Tien Chen (TPE) [5]
7-21, 22-20, 23-21