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19.–24. März 2024, St. Jakobshalle Basel

23. March 2024

Semi-finals thriller with victorious English men’s doubles

The second men's doubles semi-final today once again featured an Indonesian pairing, namely Sabar Karyaman GUTAMA/Moh Reza Pahlevi ISFAHANI (INA). However, for once they were not facing an Asian doubles team, but the third-best European men's doubles: Sean VENDY/Ben LANE (ENG), seeded eighth at the current Swiss Open.

These four players have only met once before in a match, in Orléans in 2021. Back then, the match went in the Englishmen's favor. After they had already reached the semi-finals of the Swiss Open last year but failed to win there, the goal was of course set a bit higher this year.

The very first set was a total badminton thriller: The four athletes gave each other absolutely nothing and every rally seemed to be fought over harder than the last. Much to the delight of the crowd, of course, who by now had almost completely filled the stands. Although Lane/Vendy had built up a lead of 19-14 in the meantime, they repeatedly failed to score and after some back and forth, the final score was 22-20 in favor of Gutama/Isfahani.

Lane/Vendy seemed all the more spirited in the second set and were able to extend their lead early on. The Indonesians on the other hand seemed to be tired or at least not as consistent as in the first set and lost the second set 8-21. One wondered what this would mean for the third set: Were the Indonesians already completely out of the race, or were they just saving their strength for the rest of the game?

The answer soon became clear: it was another neck-and-neck race, although Lane/Vendy were usually a few points ahead, Gutama/Isfahani held firm for a long time. There was plenty for the audience to watch: Smash attacks that seemed to go on forever, broken racquets that were replaced during the rally and also some admonishing words from the referee - to both sides.

In the end, the possibility of actually reaching the tournament final tomorrow seemed to push the English a little more than their opponents: Lane/Vendy managed to win the set and the match 21-15 after a good hour to loud applause.

Final score:
Sabar Karyaman GUTAMA/Moh Reza Pahlevi ISFAHANI (INA) vs. Ben LANE/Sean VENDY [8] (ENG)
22-20, 8-21, 15-21