Teil der HSBC BWF World Tour Super 300
Preisgeld USD 210 000.–

19.–24. März 2024, St. Jakobshalle Basel

24. March 2024

Mayasari/Sugiarto (INA) defeat Hsu/Lin (TPE) in the women’s doubles final

In the final of the women's doubles at the Yonex Swiss Open in Basel, the Indonesian pairing MAYASARI/SUGIARTO and the Taiwanese duo HSU/LIN faced each other. Although the two pairs are only eight places apart in the world rankings, they had never played each other before.

The first set went clearly to Hsu/Lin with 21-13, with the Indonesians unable to find any means against the almost flawless play of their Taiwanese opponents. Despite the powerful and varied attacks of Mayasari/Sugiarto, the Taiwanese defense was just too solid.

The game then turned to be more even in the second set, with Hsu/Lin making a few simple mistakes and the Indonesians continuing to attack with pressure. As the match progressed, Mayasari/Sugiarto got into the game better and benefited from mistakes by Hsu/Lin. They secured the second set 16-21.

In the decisive third set, the Indonesians left nothing to chance and won confidently 13-21, 21-16 and 21-13 to crown themselves the deserved winners of the women's doubles at the YONEX SWISS OPEN 2024.

Final score:
Lanny Tria MAYASARI/Ribka SUGIARTO (INA) vs. HSU Ya Ching/LIN Wan Ching (TPE)
13-21, 21-16, 21-8