Teil der HSBC BWF World Tour Super 300
Preisgeld USD 210 000.–

19.–24. März 2024, St. Jakobshalle Basel

23. March 2024

Indonesia versus Indonesia versus Indonesia

One flag can be seen particularly often in today's semifinals: The Indonesian one. All of six of the twenty competing players and pairings come from the Southeast Asian country. In the men's and women's doubles, the first two matches of the day, even only Indonesian compatriots will be on the court:

World No. 9 Apriyani RAHAYU/Siti Fadia Silva RAMADHANTI (INA), who already reached the semi-finals at the Swiss Open last year and are the first seed this year, compete in the women's doubles semifinals. Their opponents are Lanny Tria MAYASARI/Ribka SUGIARTO (INA), ranked 32nd in the world rankings and therefore a lot lower than their compatriots. This ranking was reflected in the first set, which Rahayu/Ramadhanti won 21-13. But Mayasari/Sugiarto didn't let this get them down and won the second set quite decidedly with 21-10.

So as it is, the third set had to decide it all: Would Rahayu/Ramadhanti reach the final this time, or would they have to concede a place in the final to their opponents? The crowd, which had already turned up in large numbers, followed the match with great excitement and applause for the fantastic rallies. In the end, it took an hour and 14 minutes for the match to come to an end: Mayasari/Sugiarto won deservedly 23-21 and will play in the final tomorrow.

Final score women's doubles, semifinal:
Apriyani RAHAYU/Siti Fadia Silva RAMADHANTI [1] (INA) vs. Lanny Tria MAYASARI/Ribka SUGIARTO (INA)
21-13, 10-21, 21-23

In the men's doubles, the No. 1 seed, Muhammad Shohibul FIKRI/Bagas MAULANA (INA), and their compatriots Leo Rolly CARNANDO/Daniel MARTHIN (INA), faced each other. In the first set, the match was much more even than in the women's match, with Fikri/Maulana winning the set by just the necessary two points. In the second set, Fikri/Maulana had the match all the more under control and held their own for long stretches. Carnando/Marthin kept winning strong points, but the second set - and with it a place in the final - went to Fikri/Maulana.

Final score men's dobules, semifinal:
Muhammad Shohibul FIKRI/Bagas MAULANA [1] (INA) vs. Leo Rolly CARNANDO/Daniel MARTHIN (INA)
21-19, 21-15