Part of the HSBC BWF World Tour Super 300
Prize Money USD 175 000.–

March 17th - 22th 2020, St. Jakobshalle Basel



Are you interested in supporting a top-event such as the Yonex Swiss Open is and at the same time profit  from the benefits mentioned below?


Then become a supporter  today!


The Yonex Swiss Open can look back on a very succsessful tournament.


Over the last few years the supporters association of the Yonex Swiss Open has been able to render a huge contribution towards the development of the world class badminton event in Basel. Without that support it would’nt have been able to perpetuate and enhance this tournament.


The sporting success and the steadily increasing attendance of the tournament (meanwhile over 20'000 specators) showed all involved parties that it was worth to volunteer one’s time for this event.


The next Yonex Swiss Open in the St. Jakobs hall in Basel will take place from March 12th to March 17th 2019. As the major Golden GrandPrix-tournament it will be our aim to lure the world’s top badminton players to Basel and consequently present a interesting list of participants to all our fans.


Don’t you want to get the best spectator seats for the next Yonex Swiss Open? Don’t you want to profit from the one-time advantages as supporter?

Supporter of the YSO

As a Member of the Supporter Association you can profit from the following services:

  • seat in the reserved supporter-sector
  • invitation to the apéro of the Supporter Association
  • periodic information about the internals of the YONEX SWISS OPEN
  • exclusive mailing of the program immediately before the tournement starts

I would like to become a Supporter!

Private Persons 1 Seat CHF 250.-
Couples 2 Seats CHF 350.-
Clubs/Companies 4 Seats CHF 450.-
*Business 1 Seat CHF 390.-
*Business 2 Seats CHF 590.-
*Business 4 Seats CHF 790.-

*direct entrance to the Business-Lounge, Supporter-Apéro and upporter-News. Program and more included.



If you have any question or request, please do not hesitate to contact the responsible person of the Supporter Association Christian Wackernagel.

Please note that your fee is due by autumn on a yearly basis.