International Badminton Grand Prix Gold Tournament Prize Money USD 120 000.–

March 14th - 19th 2017, St. Jakobshalle Basel

Once again, the Olympic Games are over and the circle of four years starts again. New teams prove themselves in tournaments, tried and tested doubles are to be checked. Young players get the chance to try new ways and eventually leave lasting traces. We’re looking forward to all the enrolments at beginning of 2017, names haven’t been revealed yet. Badminton fans can expect to discover new players and talents at the YSO!


Official M&Q list and Seeding report

Sabrina Jacquet a seeded player?

The current Swiss Champion Sabrina Jaquet has kept the positive energy from Rio and has reached a new level of success, in world rankings she comes about 40th and plays her very best badminton. That means, she could be...


Lin Dan announced for the Yonex Badminton SwissOpen!

His amazing CV proves Dan to be the best player of the last fifteen years. Two gold medals from Olympic games, five times world champion, two times winner of the BSO… Now he will visit Basel again, the first time since...



In march 2015 the Badminton Swiss Open will be held fort he 25th time – a quarter of a century, that has been marked by many changes. The global sports world has been professionalized, so that each year the espected...

Countdown until March 14th 2017