Part of the HSBC BWF World Tour Super 300
Prize Money USD 200 000.–

March 22nd - 27th 2022, St. Jakobshalle Basel




The court is formed by two side lines and the base line, running at the very back of the court. For the singles the inner side lines limit the play. The doubles disziplines need a bigger court and get by the outer side lines more space. The service has to cross at least the service line, but mustn't fall down after the rear service line, running parallel to the base line. That's the exception for doubles and mixed, for singles this inner base line doesn't count. Easy to remember: singles court - long and slim. Doubles court - long and wide, but short service. One side measures 6,7m (whole court 13,4m), the width is 5,18m (singles) and 6,1m in doubles. The highest netpoint is at 1,55m, in the middle not higher than 1,124m.

How to do the service

A service is always done with a underhand stroke. The number of points decides from which side the player serves. At an even number (0, 2, 4, ...)from the right side, at an odd number (1, 3, 5, ...) from the left. A match is alway started from the right side. The serve counts, when the shuttle crosses the service line, hits this or the inner base line. Also it is no mistake, when the shuttle touches the top of the net. But the serving player is not allowed to stand on the service line or play the shuttle out.

How to win points?

At every mistake of your opponent you get a point. Also, every shuttle that touches th ground within the court lines, is a point for you. The game ends, as soon a point is won. If the serving player loses the game, he also loses the service and the opponent gets the point.

What is a mistake?

If the shuttle cannot be played back before it hits the ground. - If a player touches the net with his racket, his clothes or with a part of his body, while the game is still running. - If the shuttle is played outside the court, in the net or under the net. When the opponent player touches the flying shuttle inside the court with his clothes, his racket or body.

Wie lange spielt man?

Ein Badmintonmatch geht über 2 Gewinnsätze auf je 21 Punkte. Bei 20 beide gewinnt die Seite, welche zuerst 2 Punkte Vorsprung hat. Bei 29:29 gewinnt die Seite, welche den nächsten Punkt erzielt. Nach dem ersten Satz werden die Seiten gewechselt, und die Partei, die den ersten Satz gewonnen hat, darf im zweiten Satz mit dem Anspiel beginnen. Sollte es zu einem dritten und entscheidenden Satz kommen, so wird in diesem auch die Seite gewechselt sobald der erste Spieler 11 Punkte erreicht.